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Tamás Viski-Hánka
Tamás Viski-Hánka and his staff provide a variety of legal services to the
greater Denver, Colorado area. With over 20 years of experience as a Trial
Lawyer Tamas Viski-Hanka has the skills, knowledge, and expertise
necessary to provide the most comprehensive legal services available.

If you are facing a personal injury, family law, criminal law, or commercial
litigation issue, it is crucial to have competent, trustworthy legal
representation on your side. Tamás Viski-Hánka places integrity and ethics
above all else when working with clients. He is committed to successfully
representing you in any of your legal issues.

Tamás offers Expert Legal Representation in the following areas;

 Personal Injury - Automobile, Motorcycle, and Other Accidents  

 Family Law - Divorce and Custody Issues

 Criminal Law - Body of Law Relating to Criminal Offenses

 Commercial Litigation - Business Contracts, Insurance and Liability

Over the last two decades we have built a strong reputation for providing the best legal service to our clients in Colorado.  We thank you for visiting our
site and look forward to helping you resolve your case in a timely
professional manner.
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